Applying for Art and Design courses in the UK


On 25 September in Almaty and 26 September in Astana, the British Council in Kazakhstan will hold education exhibitions to give teachers, students and their families the chance to learn about the opportunities for and the benefits of studying in the UK.

The exhibitions will run from 1400 to 2000, with registration open from 1330. In Almaty, on 25 September, the exhibition will be held in the Foundation of the First President – Leader of Nation, the British Council’s partner. In Astana, on 26 September, the exhibition will be held in Duman Centre.

More than 40 top universities, colleges and schools will take part in the exhibitions and will present their programmes of secondary, higher and business education for people of all ages, as well as short courses and holiday programmes.

Visitors to the exhibition will have a unique chance to talk face-to-face to representatives of the participating institutions, find out information on available grants and scholarships, and learn how to make the best application to study at a UK university or college.

As part of the exhibitions, the British Council will run information sessions on learning English and taking English language exams.

The programme of the exhibition includes seminars:

How to apply to a top UK university
Studying in the UK: How to adjust to the educational system
MSc vs. MBA — what suits me the best?
Marketing at the digital era
Applying for Art and Design courses in the UK
How to apply for an MBA?
How to write a personal statement?

You can find more detailed information about the exhibition and schedule of seminars here

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